Synonyme: Greenovia

    Aeonium is a member of the plant family Crassulaceae. The species of this genus grow on Canary Islands, Madeira, Cape Verde, in the southwest of Morocco and East Africa. The plants are low and close to the ground or shrubby with woody branches, the leaves alternate, usually formed into rosettes. The large inflorescence is pyramid-shaped, partially branched, the numerous, small flowers can be bright yellow, white, pink or red. The name Aeonium is derived from the Greek word aionios (ageless).

  • AEONIUM davidbramwellii

    AEONIUM davidbramwellii
  • AEONIUM hybrid simsii X Swarkopf

    AEONIUM hybrid simsii X Swarkopf
  • AEONIUM percarneum

  • AEONIUM tabuliforme

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