Synonyms: Blephanthera, Nemopogon, Bulbinopsis

    Bulbine is a genus of the plant family the family Asphodelaceae and subfamily Asphodeloideae. Most species of this genus grow in Southern Africa, a few in tropical Africa and others in Australia and Yemen. The species are annual to perennial herbaceous plants, many of them are succulent. The often lanceolate leaves are without stipe, glabrous and tufted together on the plant's base. The leaves edges can be smooth, sawed or serrated. The flowers of the racemose inflorescence have 6 petals and 6 stamens. The color of the flowers is usually yellow, but sometimes also white, orange, or pink. The name Bulbine is derived from the Latin word bulbus (bulb).
  • BULBINE haworthioides

    BULBINE haworthioides
  • BULBINE mesembryanthemoides