Conophytum is a genus of the plant family Aizoaceae. The species of this genus grow in South Africa and Namibia. The plants are small to caespitose, the globular, cylindric or cone-shaped plant body consists of a pair more or less completely coadunate leaves that can be punctured or lined. Most species bloom in fall, the stalked flowers are very different in color. The name Conophytum is derived from the Greek words conus (cone) and phyton (plant).
  • CONOPHYTUM brevisectum

    CONOPHYTUM brevisectum
  • CONOPHYTUM corniferum

    CONOPHYTUM corniferum
  • CONOPHYTUM cupreatum

  • CONOPHYTUM ectypum

    CONOPHYTUM ectypum
  • CONOPHYTUM eenkokerense

    CONOPHYTUM eenkokerense
  • CONOPHYTUM ernianum

    CONOPHYTUM ernianum
  • CONOPHYTUM limpidum

  • CONOPHYTUM meyerae

    CONOPHYTUM meyerae
  • CONOPHYTUM minutum

    CONOPHYTUM minutum
  • CONOPHYTUM ornatum

    CONOPHYTUM ornatum
  • CONOPHYTUM piriforme

    CONOPHYTUM piriforme
  • CONOPHYTUM quaesitum

    CONOPHYTUM quaesitum
  • CONOPHYTUM rostratum

    CONOPHYTUM rostratum
  • CONOPHYTUM spectabile

    CONOPHYTUM spectabile
  • CONOPHYTUM subglobosum

    CONOPHYTUM subglobosum