Synonyms: Bulliarda, Combesia, Danielia, Dinacria, Globulea, Gomara, Grammanthes, Larochea, Rhopalota, Rochea, Sphaeritis, Tillaeastrum, Vauanthes

    Crassula is a genus of the plant family Crassulaceae and one of the largest genera within this family. The species of this genus grow almost exclusively in Africa. The plants are dwarf to shrub-like, the leaves often in rosettes, sometimes edged and partial hairy. Inflorescences have usually numerous tiny flowers, that can be white, pink, rarely yellow. The name Crassula is derived from the Latin word crassus (thick).

  • CRASSULA falcata

    CRASSULA falcata
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  • CRASSULA perfoliata v. heterotricha

    CRASSULA perfoliata v. heterotricha
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