Dudleya is a member of the plant family Crassulaceae. The species of this genus grow in the United States and in Mexico. The plants belong to the leaf succulents, primery stem simple or sometimes branched, with a rosette of fleshy, usually elongate leaves. The single to numerous, more or less upright inflorescences have many flowers, the can be white, yellowish or red. The name Dudleya honors the American botanist William Russel Dudley (1849-1911).
  • DUDLEYA brittonii

    DUDLEYA brittonii
  • DUDLEYA brittonii, green form

  • DUDLEYA edulis

    DUDLEYA edulis
  • DUDLEYA lanceolata

  • DUDLEYA pulverulenta

    DUDLEYA pulverulenta
  • DUDLEYA saxosa ssp. aloides

    DUDLEYA saxosa ssp. aloides