We do not provide phytosanitary certificates for plants. Please check at the customs department of your country about the import requirements for plants. We are not responsible, if the plants will be confiscated at customs. All plants will be well packed and shipped without pot and soil, existing inflorescences will be cut off. Despite careful packaging, it can sometimes happen that some substrate or soil gets on the plants during transport. Especially at plants that have a whitish layer of powder on the leaves, might have visible marks on it caused by shipping. Both are no damage or depreciation of the plant. All plants were grown from seed in Germany. All species marked as "cutting" are delivered as unrooted cutting.
  • GASTERIA acinacifolia

    Size: ↑ approx. 25cm | ↔ approx. 20 cm

    GASTERIA acinacifolia
  • GASTERIA armstrongii

    Size: ↔ approx. 6-8 cm

  • GASTERIA baylissiana

    Size: ↔ approx. 7-12 cm

  • GASTERIA candicans v. glabrata

    Size: ↔ approx. 12-15 cm

  • GASTERIA carinata

    Size: ↔ approx. 18-20 cm

  • GASTERIA carinata v. verrucosa

    Size: ↔ approx. 9-11 cm

  • GASTERIA croucheri

    Size: ↔ approx. 13-20 cm

  • GASTERIA ellaphiae

    Size: ↔ approx. 7-13 cm

  • GASTERIA glomerata

    Size: ↔ approx. 10-14 cm

    GASTERIA glomerata
  • GASTERIA nitida

    Size: ↔ approx. 6-9 cm

  • GASTERIA vlokii

    Size: ↔ approx. 6-10 cm