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    Synonym: Ptyas

    Gasteria is a genus of the family Xanthorrhoeaceae. The species of this genus grow in South Africa. The plants are stemless, indeciduous succulents, often forming clumps, the leaves are fleshy, dark green or reddish, ligulate or elongate, with small spots or tuberclate. The inflorescences are long and sometimes branched, the flowers are bulbous, with tubelike tips, the color is reddish and often green at the tips. The name Gasteria is derived from the Greek word gáster (abdomen).

  • GASTERIA baylissiana

    GASTERIA baylissiana
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  • GASTERIA candicans v. glabrata

    GASTERIA candicans v. glabrata
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  • GASTERIA vlokii

    GASTERIA vlokii
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