Lithops is a genus of the plant family Aizoaceae. Main distribution area of this genus is Namibia, South Africa to the south-east of Botswana. The plants have a cone-shaped body, consisting of a pair of leaves, united for half, semi-circular, the tips of the leaves, flat or curved, often translucent with different markings or stains. The flowers appear from a slit between the leaves and can be white or yellow. The name Lithops is derived from the Greek words lithos (stone) and opsis (appearance).
  • LITHOPS aucampiae 'Storms's Snowcap'

  • LITHOPS aucampiae (C002)

  • LITHOPS aucampiae (C004)

  • LITHOPS aucampiae v. koelemanii

    LITHOPS aucampiae v. koelemanii
  • LITHOPS bromfieldii (C041)

    LITHOPS bromfieldii (C041)
  • LITHOPS bromfieldii v. glaudinae

  • LITHOPS fulviceps 'Aurea'

  • LITHOPS fulviceps (C170)

  • LITHOPS fulviceps v. lactinea

  • LITHOPS gracilidelineata (C309)

  • LITHOPS hallii 'brown' (C135)

  • LITHOPS hallii v. ochracea 'Green Soapstone'

  • LITHOPS hallii, Klippunt

  • LITHOPS herrei 'translucens' (C236)

  • LITHOPS herrei (C234)

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