Pachyhytum is a genus of the plant family Crassulaceae. Main distribution area of this genus is east and central-Mexico. The plants belong to the leaf succulents and are very similiar to Echeveria. They are sometimes low, single or caespitose, or small shrubs with short branches, the fleshy leaves are usually spirally arranged in rosettes of various shape and color, usually with short tips. Inflorescence from the leaf axils, often with bracts, the flower color can be white to pinkish, rarely orange to red or reddish. The name Pachyphytum is derived from the words pachus (thick) and phyton (plant).
  • PACHYPHYTUM brevifolium

  • PACHYPHYTUM caesium

    PACHYPHYTUM caesium
  • PACHYPHYTUM coeruleum

  • PACHYPHYTUM compactum

  • PACHYPHYTUM fittkaui

    PACHYPHYTUM fittkaui
  • PACHYPHYTUM hookeri

  • PACHYPHYTUM kimnachii

  • PACHYPHYTUM oviferum

  • PACHYPHYTUM rzedowskii

  • PACHYPHYTUM viride

  • PACHYPHYTUM werdermannii, narrow leaves

    PACHYPHYTUM werdermannii, narrow leaves
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